Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The $1,500 iPhone -- 500ish Words (M.G. Siegler)

"And here’s the thing: people are going to suck it up and pay this price. A lot of people. People like me. Three main reasons for this that I see.
First, yes this is more expensive than most laptops these days. Hell, it’s even more expensive than some Apple laptops. But this is also a device that all of us use a lot more than our laptops. And whereas you used to be able to make the case that the laptop was far more powerful than the smartphone, you can’t really make that argument anymore. If Apple stuck all of the latest iPhone internals inside a MacBook, is there any question they could charge $1,499 for such a device? Or that they would? And so perhaps I should say when…"
The $1,500 iPhone -- 500ish Words (M.G. Siegler)

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