Friday, September 28, 2018

A Wise Man Leaves Facebook -- NYT

From Kara Swisher's latest column
"Instead, many sources say, a series of changes imposed from above made it clear to Mr. Systrom and Mr. Krieger, and many others at Instagram, that their input was no longer valued. And more, that they had lost the autonomy they once had been given by Mr. Zuckerberg, who now seemed to want Instagram to use its momentum to help the big “blue app,” as the main platform is called at Facebook.

Those new changes included: Severe cutbacks ordered by Mr. Zuckerberg in how much Instagram was promoted on the main Facebook platform; a long fight over whether Instagram should offer a robust video TV service that would have competed with another on Facebook; the feeling that Instagram was understaffed compared to other less successful initiatives like Oculus; management restructurings that were perceived as moving Instagram down the pecking order; and, most of all, a growing perception that Instagram’s success, especially among young audiences, was somehow hurting the main platform."
A Wise Man Leaves Facebook -- NYT

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