Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Google’s DeepMind teaches AI to predict death (TNW)

See this U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs news release for more details

"Traditionally, nurses are responsible for monitoring patients. Since it isn’t feasible to place every patient under constant direct care, the vast majority of patient monitoring is done remotely through electronics and sensors like EKGs and respirators. Nurses and doctors make rounds, checking in on each patient, and listen for alarms at a central station, but there’s really no one watching most patients the majority of the time.

If DeepMind can teach AI to figure out why patients deteriorate then machines can, theoretically, take over monitoring duties. And it’s absolutely feasible for AI to continuously watch every patient all the time — computers don’t take breaks or get tired. This might not be the instant solution to human-error in the medical field – the third leading cause of death in the US – but it’s a start."
Google’s DeepMind teaches AI to predict death

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