Friday, April 27, 2012

Interview met Phil Libin, CEO Evernote [Dutch Cowboys]

Some Evernote future directions
"Any new features that you can already share which are coming to Evernote?
We're working on a lot of new functionality right now. In addition to the productivity features I mentioned above, we're greatly improving our sharing and collaboration capabilities, adding support for business accounts, and revamping the whole UX. We're also making Evernote much more intelligent. Our goal is to make the experience of using Evernote feel like it's completing your thoughts.
Of course, we can only build a small fraction of the perfect "second brain" by ourselves, so we rely on our developer community to create great things with the Evernote API. In fact, we just launched Devcup, our big new competition for developers: if you have any cool ideas for Evernote functionality or integrations, check out to get started."
(BTW in case you're wondering how I found my way to the Dutch Cowboys site, I found it via tracking #evernote on Twitter; I'm also finding lots of useful resources via Techmeme, Google News, and LinkedIn these days)
Interview met Phil Libin, CEO Evernote

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