Friday, April 27, 2012

Evernote Is Approaching 30 Million Users [TNW]

Some Evernote momentum snapshots
"Evernote CEO Phil Libin took the stage at The Next Web Conference earlier today.
We took notes and will have a longer post for you later on, but here are some interesting tidbits about Evernote that Libin shared at the end of his talk.
The affable chief executive said Evernote currently boasts over 25 million registered users, and is in fact closing in on reaching 30 million.
Last number we heard was 20 million in December 2011, so things are obviously moving fast for Evernote.
 After 4 years, more than 25% of users pay for the service today."
(I assume the final quote above means that, at this point, > 25% of Evernote users who have been using the service for 4 years opt to pay for a premium subscription)
Evernote Is Approaching 30 Million Users

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