Thursday, April 12, 2012

Amazon to Cut E-Book Prices, Shaking Rivals -

It'll be interesting to see if Apple follows Amazon's lead, but the biggest loser in this is likely to be Barnes & Noble
"As soon as the Department of Justice announced Wednesday that it was suing five major publishers and Apple on price-fixing charges, and simultaneously settling with three of them, Amazon announced plans to push down prices on e-books. The price of some major titles could fall to $9.99 or less from $14.99, saving voracious readers a bundle.
But publishers and booksellers argue that any victory for consumers will be short-lived, and that the ultimate effect of the antitrust suit will be to exchange a perceived monopoly for a real one. Amazon, already the dominant force in the industry, will hold all the cards."
Amazon to Cut E-Book Prices, Shaking Rivals -

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