Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sprint's Overdrive Goes on Sale Jan. 10 - Yahoo! News

I realize this is probably something of an outlier perspective, but I believe Overdrive is an important milestone.  Think about the multi-device, always-on, near-term future; many people will want something between (location-dependent) Wi-Fi and (spotty and expensive) 3G.  Having something similar to MiFi that can also use WiMax, and that simply appears as a Wi-Fi hub to your myriad wireless devices, seems very logical.  Check this article for more Overdrive details.

Sprint will start selling its Overdrive wireless WiMax router on Jan. 10, allowing users to connect any Wi-Fi-enabled device to its WiMax network.

Overdrive connects to Sprint's WiMax or 3G network and can be used to link up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The device, which is portable, will cost $100 with a two-year service contract that costs $60 per month. The monthly service contract includes unlimited data over Sprint's WiMax network and 5GB of data over the 3G network.

Sprint's Overdrive Goes on Sale Jan. 10 - Yahoo! News

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