Wednesday, January 27, 2010

With Sun, Oracle Aims At Giants -

More Oracle/Sun expectations

On Wednesday, Oracle will hold an event at its Silicon Valley headquarters where executives from the company will talk in detail about the plans for Sun Microsystems.

Mr. Ellison said that in the next few months, Oracle planned to lay off fewer than 2,000 people, while hiring more than 2,000 people in engineering, sales and other roles. He did not rule out that additional layoffs might occur later.

Mr. Ellison added that he expected Sun’s chief executive, Jonathan I. Schwartz, to resign and that he hoped that Scott G. McNealy, Sun’s co-founder and chairman, would stay on at Oracle, although his title and duties were not clear.

“We need to have more conversations about his role,” Mr. Ellison said.


Mr. Ellison added that Oracle would sell products directly to Sun’s top 4,000 customers, which accounted for about 70 percent of its revenue, rather than relying on partners as Sun had in the past.

“Sun has wonderful engineering, but they didn’t seem to like selling very much,” Mr. Ellison said. “The partner model was disastrous, and we are immediately changing that.”

With Sun, Oracle Aims At Giants -

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