Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Hello iPad, Goodbye PC

Lots of useful insights from Nicholas Carr; read the full post 

The PC era ended this morning at ten o’clock Pacific time, when Steve Jobs mounted a San Francisco stage to unveil the iPad, Apple’s version of a tablet computer. What made the moment epochal was not so much the gadget itself - an oversized iPod Touch tricked out with an e-reader application and a few other new features - but the clouds of hype that attended its arrival.


The rapturous reaction to Apple’s tablet - the buildup to Jobs’s announcement blurred the line between media feeding-frenzy and orgiastic pagan ritual - shows that our attitude to the tablet form has shifted. Tablets suddenly look attractive. Why? Because the nature of personal computing has changed.

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Hello iPad, Goodbye PC

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CE's GeeBook said...

The IPad launch will be a huge $$ maker for Apple. and this launches a whole new avenue for Apple on the revenue generation side. But with tha said ..

The first generation seems just to be another gadget to carry around. It can not replace a Laptop or even a NetBook for that matter. For even normal day uses ie. no multi-tasking, Flash support, Document processing ... ect.

Nor will it even replace the iPhone or iPod Touch ... try carrying this around in your pocket much less taking it to the gym.

It definitely looks cool but just will not be on my top list of have to haves.