Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gates: “Innovation, Not Insulation” | The New Republic

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Gates’ remarks are the most noteworthy--and pointed. Writing on his personal blog under the title “Why We Need Innovation, Not Insulation,” Gates says energy innovation has been on his mind lately, and he has posted an angular, politically incorrect complaint about the extent to which the country is missing the point on the appropriate goals and means for carbon reduction.

Very much in line with posts like this one and this one here, Gates declares that the carbon emission goal that really matters is getting to an 80 percent world cut by 2050 (rather than to just a 30 percent by 2025 cut), and says that that dictates certain priorities. Says Gates: If that massive 2050 goal is the challenge, then “we are going to have to reduce emissions from transportation and electrical production in participating countries down to zero.” Continues the technologist: To get to zero, we are going to need to focus on the right things:

“If addressing climate change only requires us to get to the 2025 goal, then efficiency would be the key thing. But you can never insulate your way to anything close to zero no matter what advocates of resource efficiency say. [And so] innovation in transportation and electricity will be the key factor.”

Gates: “Innovation, Not Insulation” The New Republic

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