Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Huge Payoff for I.B.M. After a Shift -

A timely IBM snapshot; see the full article 

They are all following the path pioneered by I.B.M., analysts say, one that the company began to pursue in the 1990s and has gathered pace in recent years. Services and software now account for more than 80 percent of I.B.M.’s business, up from half in 2000. In that time, the company sold hardware businesses including flat-panel displays, disk drives, personal computers and printers.

Since Samuel J. Palmisano became chief executive in 2002, I.B.M. has spent more than $25 billion on dozens of acquisitions, nearly all of services and software companies. The company’s big research arm has been retooled to tilt toward services, and it worked with universities to develop services science courses at more than 400 schools in 50 nations.

Huge Payoff for I.B.M. After a Shift -

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