Thursday, January 21, 2010

With Rival E-Book Readers, It’s Amazon vs. Apple -

While the mainstream press seems to love battle-of-the-titan topics lately (see, e.g., last week’s BusinessWeek cover story on Apple-versus-Google, or a recent Fortune article on the emerging “titanic triumvirate of HP, IBM, and Oracle”), I expect a revised Kindle client app will continue to be a very popular choice for the iPhone/iPod touch platform, including the Apple tablet

It’s a formidable high-tech face-off: versus Apple for the hearts and minds of book publishers, authors and readers.

Amazon’s Kindle devices and electronic bookstore now dominate a nascent but booming market, accounting for more than 70 percent of electronic reader sales and 80 percent of e-book purchases, according to some analysts. And on Thursday it will take a page from Apple and announce that it is opening up the Kindle to outside software developers.

With Rival E-Book Readers, It’s Amazon vs. Apple -

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