Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Peace with honor | Steve Gillmor's InfoRouter |

Peace with honor | Steve Gillmor's InfoRouter | "The big problem for Bill and Ray is that the other team can call audibles at the line of scrimmage and run a 2-minute offense from kickoff. Ironically, that's why Ozzie's the right man in the right job. When IBM dumped his architecture to move to Websphere, Ray dumped Notes. Now IBM and Sun are hawking hairball replacements when chunks of XML are the real simple solution. Allchin won the war. Now Ray can win the peace."

Hey Steve -- fun essay, but FYI WebSphere didn't exist when Ray Ozzie left IBM during October, 1997, and, in case you haven't checked recently, the Notes architecture hasn't exactly been dumped -- indeed, it's resurgent within IBM's software portfolio. Meanwhile, WebSphere is the leading commercial J2EE platform. IBM is doing well, even if you think they're insufficiently zealous about XML.

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