Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ellison's ambitions for Oracle - New York Times

Ellison's ambitions for Oracle - New York Times: "Oracle is interested in markets like hosted services and believes its acquisition of Siebel will give it a leg up in the OnDemand CRM realm. Siebel's OnDemand business competes with, a company in which Ellison invests.
'We want to go after as much as we can,' Ellison said. 'I'm an investor in Salesforce, and I want to see my investment go to zero.'
Business intelligence players and middleware developer BEA Systems, however, are less attractive acquisition targets, Ellison said.
'At one time we highlighted BEA for a possible acquisition, but less so now,' Ellison said. 'We have passed them up...and they don't really want to be bought.' "

(In other words, BEA's likely acquisition price just went down...)

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