Friday, September 30, 2005

JBoss vs IBM spat--an opening for Microsoft

JBoss vs IBM spat--an opening for Microsoft: "Well, Fleury isn't just mad. He's getting even. On Sept. 27, JBoss and Microsoft announced an alliance that's sure to get IBM's hackles up. The two will enhance interoperability between the JBoss Enterprise Middleware System, a suite built around the application server, and Microsoft's Windows server products. There will be more to come. 'This is a first step. It says the operating systems is not the enemy,' says Fleury. 'We're not a pain for Microsoft. We're a pain for IBM.'
The tie-up also shows how Microsoft is gradually recognizing the need to live in a world where open-source software is a fact of life. Don't expect Office to run on top of Linux any time soon. But Microsoft's plays in the open-source world are worth watching. As are fissures between open-source stalwarts like JBoss and IBM."

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