Sunday, September 11, 2005

Don Box: I Want Vista

don Box: I Want Vista "I've been spending a lot of time near Vista over the past two weeks.
The new shell is nice.
IE7 is nice.
Glass is nice.
Transactional/indexed file system: priceless.
[In response to comments:]
Vista includes (and always has included) a kernel-mode transaction manager and TX support in both NTFS and the registry. All of this is integrated with DTC and System.Transactions. And of course, it just works with the standard Win32 FS calls and with System.IO. JimJohn and I gave a talk on this stuff at the last PDC, but it didn't get much attention.
WinFS is a separate system that runs in a user-mode process and gives you an Object-Oriented storage system. WinFS is not shipping with vista."

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