Friday, September 10, 2004

Skype releases Pocket PC software | CNET

Skype releases Pocket PC software | CNET "Free Net phone provider Skype released its first software for personal digital assistants on Thursday, making good on an earlier promise to expand the range of devices that can use its service.
The software lets users of Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 handhelds make free unlimited Skype calls over Wi-Fi networks, which are typically available in homes, offices, parks, transportation hubs, hotels, shops and restaurants.
Of the present day VoIP service, Skype is among the largest, with an estimated 500,000 users. The largest commercial VoIP service is Vonage, which has about 200,000 subscribers."

Tangent: FYI Vonage has been working much better for me since I reconfigured my home network to put the Vonage (Motorola) box between my cable modem and Linksys wireless cable router.

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