Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Boston.com Registration 'nightmare' at UMass

Boston.com Registration 'nightmare' at UMass "For 25,000 students and faculty on the Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts, last week's start of the new term was even more hectic than usual, thanks to a computer malfunction that prevented many students from signing up for classes.
The entire UMass system uses PeopleSoft software to manage its human resources and finance systems, as well as student registration on all five campuses. But David Gray, chief information officer for the university, said the Amherst campus uses a custom modified version of the software, and that similar problems have not happened on the other campuses.
PeopleSoft spokesman Steve Swasey said UMass has been a customer since 1998, and that 730 institutions of higher education worldwide use his firm's software. He blamed the problems at the Amherst campus on difficulties in setting up the software on the school's systems, not a flaw in the software itself. ''We're working with them now to understand what it is," Swasey said."

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