Friday, September 17, 2004

Oracle plans content management splash | CNET

Oracle plans content management splash | CNET "Oracle is expected to jump into the emerging market for content management software later this year.
The database giant will announce a new product code-named Tsunami at its Oracle OpenWorld conference in December, Alan Pelz-Sharpe, an analyst at research company Ovum, told CNET Pelz-Sharpe, who based his prediction on interviews with Oracle customers and employees, said the product will integrate enterprise content management (ECM) functions into its main suite of business products.
The company has been widely expected to enter the ECM market during the past couple of years, as a way to extend its database dominance and counter moves by competitors. Rival IBM, for example, has increasingly integrated content management functions with its database and collaboration products.
Oracle executives acknowledged during the company's antirust trial over its attempted takeover of PeopleSoft that Oracle had considered acquiring content management specialist Documentum before EMC gobbled it up, confirming widespread speculation that Oracle was contemplating such a move."

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