Monday, September 27, 2004

New Microsoft set-top box ready to roll | CNET

New Microsoft set-top box ready to roll | CNET "Though MSN TV2 is the successor to the original WebTV devices, the new box is a vast departure from its predecessors.
On the outside, it's slick, with new video-playback and photo-viewing programs, and a custom version of Internet Explorer 6 designed to make Web browsing on the television a far less painful process. On the inside, it's a Windows CE-based product with a 733MHz Celeron--slow by PC standards but downright zippy in the world of set-top boxes.
The new box, which is being made by Thomson and sold under the RCA brand, will be shipped to stores starting next week. The product has no hard drive, but it has enough flash memory to store some data, including 100 compressed photos that can be used as part of a slide show."

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