Sunday, September 12, 2004 - Take a Note--Or Lots of Them - Take a Note--Or Lots of Them "Whether on sticky notes, napkins, memo pads, or random pieces of paper, everybody takes notes--usually without the assistance of a computer. EverNote, a promising new application demonstrated at the DemoMobile show here, aims to change that.
Due for release in a public beta test next month, EverNote lets you type quick notes to yourself. But its notes can contain a lot more than plain text. It's easy, for example, to grab images or bits and pieces of Web pages or Microsoft Office documents and paste them into a note for later reference."

The quest to resurrect Lotus Agenda continues... I'm surprised the article didn't mention Onfolio, a very powerful tool for item collection/organization/sharing from ColdFusion creator JJ Allaire.

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