Monday, February 09, 2004 - Longhorn will kill middleware - Longhorn will kill middleware: "The server version of Microsoft Windows (code-named Longhorn) will include business process orchestration features to allow users to link together Web services, among other tasks, without the need for additional middleware.
The technology will be lifted from BizTalk Server, according to Valerie Olague, Microsoft's director of Windows Server System marketing. BizTalk Server is designed to help companies integrate disparate business applications and connect to business partners.
Microsoft in the past adopted capabilities from BizTalk Server in the Windows server product - message queuing, for example - but this does not mean that BizTalk capabilities will be absorbed in the server operating system, Olague said.
"The OS is the place where these common kind of services need to reside. The focus for BizTalk is in more specialized areas. Orchestration is very general," she said."

The article doesn't support its provocative title, but the author certainly got Microsoft's intent right.

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