Thursday, February 05, 2004

CRN : New FrontPage Is Ready To Rumble

CRN : New FrontPage Is Ready To Rumble: "For years, Microsoft FrontPage was considered the ideal Web development tool for novice Web users. Using almost no coding, developers could create static Web pages and some simple e-commerce sites that normally would require extensive knowledge of HTML and ASP.
That was yesterday. Microsoft FrontPage 2003 is not geared for novices; instead, it places emphasis on coding and resource connectivity through Web technologies and includes a host of new design and publishing capabilities."

Perhaps, but FrontPage 2003 is also in an increasingly ambiguous position in the broader Microsoft product line, with Visual Studio.NET "Whidbey" and its much-improved Web site development capabilities (including SharePoint-style portal-oriented pages etc.) expected late this year. I didn't catch one reference to FrontPage during the PDC 2003 keynotes (and if you seach the PDC 2003 session list, you'll find a total of 2 references).

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