Thursday, February 26, 2004 Video That's Finally On-Demand Video That's Finally On-Demand ... "thanks to startup Akimbo, soon, we'll be able to watch these same videos on our TV sets. Akimbo, which demonstrated an intriguing product at the Demo 2004 conference in Scottsdale, Ariz., earlier this week, was founded by Steve Shannon, a former executive of ReplayTV, the TiVo competitor that is now a unit of D&M Holdings. The company demonstrated the Akimbo player, a set-top box that doesn't look much different from a TiVo or other personal video recorder box. Like those other players, it has an 80-gigabyte hard drive that stores video played on a TV. But it's the source of the video that's unusual. The Akimbo player is connected to the Internet via a broadband Internet connection. Through a subscription service, the company plans to offer access to roughly 20,000 hours of video offered for download. Akimbo's service will present video from services like IFilm, Digicast and CinemaNow, among others, all of which are available as part of a $10 monthly subscription."

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