Monday, February 16, 2004

PBS | I, Cringely: Crazy After All These Years

PBS | I, Cringely: Crazy After All These Years "Microsoft is building another empire. All that messing around with WebTVs and xBoxes and investing in cable TV companies hasn’t been for naught. It has taught them the road rules for their next monopoly.
There is, in fact, only one thing that stands in the way of Microsoft achieving this objective, and that’s little Inside those 37 Burst patents based on work dating back to 1984 are legal control over not only efficient video and audio streaming, but control of just about every media hub strategy whether it comes from Microsoft, Sony, or Apple. These companies, on some level, hope that Microsoft beats Burst. But they have to also realize that Microsoft’s victory would eventually make Microsoft their absolute master. It’s enough to drive Microsoft competitors crazy.
That may be the plan.

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