Wednesday, February 18, 2004 Paul Allen's Mobile Computing Fantasy Paul Allen's Mobile Computing Fantasy: "'I've had a vision for a device like this for a long time,' Allen says. The FlipStart-- which we first noted before it had a name almost a year ago is the very definition of mobile. It's a full-fledged PC running Microsoft's Windows XP. It has a 30-gigabyte hard drive from Toshiba--the same one inside Apple Computer's (nasdaq: AAPL - news - people ) iPod, Allen says--as well as a small but wide screen with a resolution of 1,024 pixels by 600 pixels.
But it folds up and goes in a briefcase or even a big pocket a bit like a Reasearch In Motion (nasdaq: RIMM - news - people ) Blackberry on steroids. The keyboard is wider and there's a red joystick mouse, similar to those you'll find on an IBM (nyse: IBM - news - people ) Thinkpad. Inside is a processor from Transmeta (nasdaq: TMTA - news - people ). The full package weighs in at less than one pound. Users can attach a port replicator to the back of the FlipStart, which allows it to act like a regular desktop PC, connecting to a common keyboard, mouse and monitor. "

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