Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Microsoft Parades 'Whitehorse' at DevDay Kick-Off

Microsoft Parades 'Whitehorse' at DevDay Kick-Off: "Forte described Whitehorse as a set of integrated, model-driven design tools for the design, deployment and maintenance of 'service-oriented distributed systems.' He showed how developers can use Whitehorse to link components graphically, add methods and then create code.
'It doesn't sound that different from UML (Unified Modeling Language). But Whitehorse is a two-way street,' he explained.
Whitehorse updates design documents as programmers code. And if they modify the design document, the change is automatically reflected back in the code, Forte said. At the same time, Whitehorse simplifies deployment by detecting settings on machines in advance, thus alleviating the need for trial-and-error code deployment, he said.
What Forte didn't say during his keynote, but mentioned on his Weblog is that Microsoft's System Definition Model (SDM) is at the core of Whitehorse's architecture. SDM is the foundation of Microsoft's Dynamic Systems Initiative, which is its utility-computing products/strategy."

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