Thursday, February 19, 2004

Microsoft Monitor: Logitech's MSN Messenger Magic

Microsoft Monitor: Logitech's MSN Messenger Magic "When Microsoft released Windows XP, the company planned to deliver robust interactive services--white board, videoconferencing and gaming--through Windows Messenger. But, there was a wrinkle: Corporate and home router firewalls often prevented some services from working. For many users, videoconferencing in particular was a bust. That problem persisted until last summer, when Microsoft released a preview of MSN Messenger 6.
Microsoft wasn’t the power behind the solution, but Logitech. According to the peripheral maker, it provided the software code for punching video through the firewall and the infrastructure for making the connection. That’s why, regardless of the Webcam attached to the computer, MSN Messenger runs a Logitech flash screen while making the video connection. The company claims that the Logitech flash screen, or pre-roll, has run 500 million times since last summer. That’s hefty marketing material."

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