Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Is group chat making you sweat? — Signal v. Noise — Medium

Excerpt from an extensive post by Basecamp's founder/CEO; the post lists 4 group chat positives and 17 negatives

"That said, I still think group chat is an important tool in the communications toolbox. I just don’t think it’s the go-to tool. I think it’s the exception tool. It’s far more useful for special cases than general cases. When used appropriately, sparingly, and in the right context at the right time, it’s great. You just really have to contain it, know when not to use it, and watch behavior and mood otherwise it can take over and mess up a really good thing.
And to be fair, these problems aren’t exclusive to group chat. However, the fundamentals of group chat (many people right now, one line at a time incomplete thoughts, fear of missing out (FOMO), low barriers to participation which leads to over-participation, incessant notifications, etc) tends to amplify the unintended negative consequences. You can’t separate effect from the cause."
Is group chat making you sweat? — Signal v. Noise — Medium
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