Sunday, March 20, 2016

Barack Obama’s Careful Encryption Stance | Monday Note

Final paragraphs from a Jean-Louis Gassée assessment of President Obama's South by Southwest talk

"I believe our President understands all of this, that he believes unbreakable cryptography is the lesser of two bad choices…but he must weigh what he says. Can we really expect him to say that the FBI is wrong? Instead, he lets the FBI push hard, absorbs some of the reflected Law and Order sunshine, and allows the San Bernardino case to take the long, arduous road to the Supreme Court. And Backdoor legislation will be introduced, discussed and discussed, with the Tech Industry up in arms – and dollars – against it.
By then, Barack Obama will be a former President, Free At Last to say what he really thinks. I can’t wait."
Barack Obama’s Careful Encryption Stance | Monday Note
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