Thursday, March 31, 2016

HoloLens, A Year Later: A New Demo At Build 2016 (Tom's Hardware)

Now with improved demo choreography; also see Why Microsoft can't say when its incredible HoloLens will become a reality (CNET)

"A year ago at Build 2015, we got our first demo of Microsoft’s HoloLens. At this year’s event, we got a second crack at seeing the augmented reality device in action, and it was a completely different experience.

Or, we should say, Microsoft took a completely different approach. Last year was a highly secretive showing, with a complex offsite jaunt that required us to traverse numerous floors of a hotel and lock away anything resembling recording equipment. Pen and paper were our only tools, and we each were ushered into private rooms for intimate, quick demos.

This year, by contrast, Microsoft tricked out one of the huge ballrooms at Moscone West with dozens of HoloLens stations, comfy couches, work stations, monitors hung like an NBA scoreboard in the middle of the room, and a merry band of unbelievably chipper staff. It was a party atmosphere. “HoloGraphic Academy,” they called it."
HoloLens, A Year Later: A New Demo At Build 2016
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