Friday, March 04, 2016

Facebook at Work Means You Never Clock Out -- Following: How We Live Online (New York Magazine)

Check the full article for a Facebook at Work video and other details; also note that Slack is Internet software (Internet Relay Chat++), not traditional enterprise communication/collaboration software

"But there’s a large shadow looming over services like Facebook at Work and Slack that they generally don’t acknowledge. If you watched the above video (and it’s okay if you didn’t; it is very twee), you might have noticed that every scenario the service presents is in an office context. Facebook at Work never leaves the office in this conception. In reality, work-based social networks are tethers that keep you just keystrokes away from checking in with work wherever you are, at any hour of the day. This is especially true if the service supplies mobile apps (which Facebook and Slack do).

Already, Slack is becoming a hub for people who don't even work together, people who just hang out in friend Slacks, or family Slacks, or apartment building-specific Slacks. Slack is enterprise software made personal, while Facebook's is personal software turned enterprise. The unstated conclusion to services like these is a world in which people are accessible at any moment all the time, either fielding messages in real-time or letting their virtual inbox pile up. Regardless, the door is already partially open."
Facebook at Work Means You Never Clock Out -- Following: How We Live Online
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