Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Worldwide PC Sales Declined Again in 2015 | Re/code

Apple's next earnings report (on 1/26) is going to be interesting

"In fact, despite a multimillion-dollar industry marketing campaign, sales declined so much — more than 10 percent in IDC’s reckoning — that 2015 now qualifies as the worst year since records have been kept. And that’s saying something, because the previous year that held that distinction was 2013.

The only good news for companies like Lenovo, HP and Dell, which were the world’s three top vendors, is that expectations were already low. All three saw their overall sales fall year-on-year, Lenovo by nearly 4 percent, Dell and HP by 6 percent each. Sales of Apple Macs grew by more than 6 percent, making it No. 4 vendor in the world, ahead of Acer, whose sales fell by more than 18 percent."
Worldwide PC Sales Declined Again in 2015 | Re/code

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