Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Knowledge Prizes: Unlock answers to important questions - The Quora Blog - Quora

An intriguing Quora experiment; check the full post for more details including some of the early prize questions

"We've heard from many people that they use Quora to get answers to questions that really matter to them. Quora provides access to an unparalleled set of millions of experts, including engineers, researchers, professors, doctors, business leaders, lawyers, aviation experts, even a few astronauts, and many other experts in specialized fields. When a question gets the attention of the most insightful experts on Quora, the answer is frequently better than anything else you could find. But people ask a vast number of questions on Quora every day, and the most insightful experts are inherently scarce, so it can be hard for the most important questions to stand out.
Knowledge Prizes allow a sponsor to signal that they think a question is particularly important by offering a financial prize for the best new answer. We imagine each prize as being sort of like a mini XPRIZE for knowledge; aimed at questions that a knowledgeable expert will be excited to answer publicly, and that many people will find interesting. A prize winner can keep the money or donate it to charity; initially either Stand Up To Cancer or GiveDirectly."
(1) Knowledge Prizes: Unlock answers to important q... - The Quora Blog - Quora

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