Monday, January 18, 2016

AOL considering brand change - Business Insider

Perhaps they'll have an opportunity to rebrand the AOL properties as "Yahoo..."

"Mark Ritson, a leading brand expert and marketing consultant, tells Business Insider that he also thinks the messy corporate brand definitely needs a clean up. AOL is tricky, he says, because it has very strong brand awareness, but that its image "has an unpalatable mix of being seen to be out of date and a business failure."

"Now that it is part of Verizon, there should be a major restructuring of the AOL divisions and a very concerted brand cull," he says via email. "But this is a move that should be made by Verizon executives, not vested AOL people. It's time to take out the knife and cut back brands to release growth and profit."

Whether the legacy name remains or not, the company certainly plans to put time and resources into its identity this year. "
AOL considering brand change - Business Insider

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