Monday, January 11, 2016

What is Peach App? | Re/code

Ephemeral messaging tools/services

"Every few months, a new consumer social app hits the tech world harder than a new Beyonce video. First there was Ello, the ad-free “Facebook killer.” Then there was Meerkat, the livestreaming phenomenon that defined SXSW 2015. Then there was Beme, a live-video app that wasn’t around long enough for most people to even try it out.

The latest app to join the squad is Peach, a Twitter-like network for sharing whatever life updates you feel like sharing with whatever friends you happen to find on the app. Like Twitter or Facebook, Peach lets you share GIFs or videos or your location. You can share what music you’re listening to, or how many miles you’ve walked that day. You can add a profile picture. You can “Like” another user’s post."
What is Peach App? | Re/code

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