Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Has Amazon Reached Peak ‘Prime’? - Digits - WSJ

Revenue impact tbd from Prime customers who are too busy binge-watching Amazon Prime Video shows to buy and read Kindle books...

"The Seattle online retailer is estimated to have had 54 million U.S. Prime members at the end of 2015, up 35% from 40 million a year earlier, according to an analysis from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. But the coveted customers appear to be spending less.

Chicago-based CIRP estimated Prime members spend about $1,100 on average per year, down from $1,500 per year in 2014. Non-Prime members accounted for about $600 in spending on average, compared with $625 the year prior.

And the rate of growth in signups slowed to 35% from 54% in 2014, according to CIRP’s estimates."
Has Amazon Reached Peak ‘Prime’? - Digits - WSJ
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