Monday, February 16, 2015

Hands On: Mattel and Google's New VR View-Master | Video |

A new Google Cardboard app

"The new View-Master is a smartphone holder with lenses that separate the inserted device's screen into two images for the user. While it's a Google Cardboard device, it's actually a plastic headset that looks very similar to the classic View-Master, if it was crossed with a Samsung Gear VR.
The View-Master works with all Google Cardboard-compatible VR apps on the Google Play store, including a Mattel-specific View-Master app planned for the device. It won't rely entirely on app downloads, though. Mattel has reimagined the View-Master picture discs as augmented-reality markers and downloadable content tokens. Instead of inserting them into the View-Master, they can be placed on a flat surface and the View-Master app will scan them and load content into the View-Master, using the discs as positional anchors."
Hands On: Mattel and Google's New VR View-Master | Video |
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