Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Latest on Google Glass | MIT Technology Review

Not entirely clear; check the full post for more context-setting and links
"Parviz helps refocus, so to speak, what Google Glass is all about. It’s not just that the thing is a heads-up display for the masses. Parviz actually calls this the second big goal of the project–“to have a technology that would allow people to access information very, very quickly.”
The first big goal of the project, he explains, has to do more with the fact that Google Glass lives in front of your eyes. Google Glass is about bringing the visual to social computing. It’s about “allow[ing] people to connect to others with images or video.” It’s about emphasizing that which we see, rather than hear or read. Put somewhat awkwardly, it’s about making the eye social."
The Latest on Google Glass | MIT Technology Review
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