Friday, January 11, 2013

SAP Steps on the Gas -

Another SAP attempt to become mainstream-relevant as a DBMS player; tbd if HANA will be more successful than, e.g., MaxDB
"At present, HANA is used on a relatively small scale, so it’s not proven whether the software can really accelerate the performance of SAP’s main business software applications. These include things like complex marketing analysis and multinational production, and are used by tens of thousands of companies worldwide.
SAP is confident, however, and hopes the product can eclipse efforts by Microsoft and Oracle, its two bigger competitors, to move into the world of Big Data and cloud computing. Mr. Plattner said the 40,000 SAP customers that also use Microsoft and Oracle databases can attach HANA to those systems and instantly improve their performance for things like business analysis."
SAP Steps on the Gas -
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