Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yahoo's Mayer: "In The Future You Become The Query" [Marketing Land]

Excerpt from a Marissa Mayer interview at Davos
"Mobile will also continue to be a major driver of search innovation. Almost as if she were describing Google Now, but without mentioning it, Mayer discussed the role of context and personalization in the delivery of content without explicit query input from the user. This is what Mayer used to describe,when she was at Google, as “the perfect search engine,” which would know user needs and preferences without requiring the user to provide those explicitly.
The line that summed up her thoughts on search personalization was, “In the future you become the query.” This was a reference to all the data and context that will help search generate more relevant results. She said that many of these innovations will be realized within in the “next three to five years.”"
Yahoo's Mayer: "In The Future You Become The Query"
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