Thursday, January 31, 2013

BlackBerry, Rebuilt, Lives to Fight Another Day -

My overall take, after reading a few BlackBerry Z10 reviews: some in the press/blogosphere are eager to have another viable smartphone competitor to write about, but it's not clear the Z10 is an advance in any surprising, significant, or sustainable way.  Also see BlackBerry's BB10 and Z10: the review roundup (The Guardian)
"Well, BlackBerry’s Hail Mary pass, its bet-the-farm phone, is finally here. It’s the BlackBerry Z10, and guess what? It’s lovely, fast and efficient, bristling with fresh, useful ideas.
And here’s the shocker — it’s complete. The iPhone, Android and Windows Phone all entered life missing important features. Not this one; BlackBerry couldn’t risk building a lifeboat with leaks. So it’s all here: a well-stocked app store, a music and movie store, Mac and Windows software for loading files, speech recognition, turn-by-turn navigation, parental controls, copy and paste, Find My Phone (with remote-control lock and erase) and on and on."
BlackBerry, Rebuilt, Lives to Fight Another Day -
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