Wednesday, January 09, 2013

It's official: 3D is dead | The Verge

For an overview of the 3D TV state of the art, see this Wikipedia article
"The best way to summarize the demise of 3D TV as a technology that companies and consumers care about is by noting that even Qualcomm didn't bother to namedrop it. The chipmaker's utterly absurd CES keynote, which featured every bad pun, cliché, gimmick, and trope of the electronics industry, didn't feel the need to check off 3D.
As a technology, you're not dead when everybody hates and derides you. Neither will limited commercial sales kill off your chances. But indifference of the kind signalled by this year's CES is the truest symptom of a terminal trajectory."
It's official: 3D is dead | The Verge
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