Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Google Snaps Up Wildfire -

Probably time for Twitter and/or Facebook to rototill their API license terms again...
"The deal for Wildfire comes as many brands struggle to build and manage their footprints on social networks. Start-ups like Wildfire help corporations engage their consumers and track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The addition of Wildfire may bolster Google’s own social network, Google Plus, and provide insights about rival platforms, such as Facebook. According to a blog post on Wildfire’s Web site, the company will continue to partner with other networks and “operate as usual,” despite its new ownership."
Closing paragraph of the Wildfire blog post announcing the deal:
"Finally, a huge thanks to our friends and partners at Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and most especially Facebook. Were it not for the social media revolution that you have all helped to create, Wildfire would not even exist. We are committed to continue building tools that help enhance the way brands and consumers experience each of your respective social networks."
Also see Mark Zuckerberg's Sister Arielle Now Works For Google (Business Insider)

Google Snaps Up Wildfire -
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