Thursday, June 07, 2012

Google Schools Apple on Maps -

Check the link below for more Google Maps details
"Google, which dominates online maps, has come under pressure in recent months as increased developer fees have raised interest in alternatives from Microsoft, Apple and open source map projects.
Seemingly in response, Google offered an exhaustive list of what it will take to match Google in mapping. The list totaled millions of dollars in capital expenditures. Google has been working on maps for eight years. Google owns airplanes to make precise three-dimensional urban maps. Google covers 187 countries, and 26 million miles have been driven to provide accurate information and city views. The familiar cameras on cars are now on bikes, boats and snowmobiles, and soon will be on backpacks. Google has mapped museums and airports. Some organizations use it to show where land mines are located. Amazonian tribes facing deforestation use it to tell their stories."
Google Schools Apple on Maps -
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