Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why Apple Is Going "Containment" Not "Thermonuclear" Against Google In iOS 6 [Search Engine Land]

Excerpt from a Danny Sullivan Apple/Google co-opetition reality check

“Looking at all that, Apple might decide that it makes sense to stay with Google in various ways. After all, Google seems to be generating hundreds of millions to perhaps billions of dollars for it. Google’s almost certainly generating more revenue for Apple than any other search partner and has a proven record (that’s important; ask Yahoo how that Bing deal worked out). I wonder if Google is potentially one of Apple’s biggest revenue-generating partners period?

Maybe we’ll be able to ferret out more about that. But suffice to say, Google’s a major trading partner with Apple. You don’t go thermonuclear on a trading partner, not if they’re making you plenty of money and you can try to maintain an upper-hand in other ways.”

Why Apple Is Going "Containment" Not "Thermonuclear" Against Google In iOS 6

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