Wednesday, June 20, 2012

With Surface Tablet, Microsoft Takes On Apple but Mimics Google - Windows IT Pro

From a Paul Thurrott Surface reality check
"The list kind of goes on and on, and the more you think you want this device, the more you realize you know almost nothing about it. And that brings me to a final couple of related thoughts: For all of its desire to be just like Apple, Microsoft is nothing like Apple. And Apple would never have introduced such a half-realized product as this. Had Apple announced the Surface, you’d know everything about it, would be able to view the full product specs on its website, would see all of the model versions and options, and so on. And you’d be able to buy it, or at least preorder it, right now.
And that’s not the only way in which Microsoft is not Apple. In its mad bid to prevent Apple from completely eroding its core market, Microsoft is curiously not using the Apple playbook at all. It’s stealing Google’s strategy of slapping its brand on another company’s product and offering it in competition with both Apple’s iPad and the numerous slates and other computing devices that will be made by its own partners. With the Surface, Microsoft has decided to compete with everyone, even its friends."
With Surface Tablet, Microsoft Takes On Apple but Mimics Google
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