Thursday, June 21, 2012

Google's Motorola Seeks New Legal Maneuver With Microsoft -

How "exorbitant," e.g., relative to the royalties Android device vendors pay Microsoft?
"Motorola, which was recently acquired by Mountain View, Calif., Internet search giant Google, has been waging legal battles with Apple and Microsoft over Motorola's so-called standards-essential patents, which are important for the broader wireless industry and are generally offered by Motorola at a 2.25% royalty rate.
Mr. Dailey said Motorola has sought to tailor a more palatable royalty rate for Microsoft, by offering the software giant a rate of 50 cents per product built on Microsoft's Windows operating system software, and 33 cents per smartphone using Microsoft's ActiveSync technology.
But Microsoft deputy general counsel for intellectual property Horacio Gutierrez said in a statement that the new proposed licensing rates are still exorbitant."
Google's Motorola Seeks New Legal Maneuver With Microsoft -
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