Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Report: Target to dump Kindle - GeekWire

Perhaps Amazon should buy the negative-net-worth part of Barnes & Noble (the B&N/BKS market cap is currently less than the B&N portion of the value of the MSFT/BKS/”Newco” Nook + college bookstore joint venture) and use the B&N stores as a Kindle retail network; check the article link below for speculation about what Target may perceive as a Kindle conflict of interest

“This could get very interesting, especially in light of the new alliance between Barnes & Noble and Microsoft. The Verge reports today — citing an unnamed source and an internal Target memo — that the giant retailer will stop selling the Kindle due to “conflict of interest” later this month.

There certainly seems to be some legs to this report, since we could not find any Kindles for sale on Target’s online site today. (They do continue to sell Nooks and Kobos). And The Verge notes that shipments of Kindles to physical stores will end May 13th.”

Report: Target to dump Kindle - GeekWire

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