Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Chromebook's New Ambitions - Technology Review

More analysis of Google's other non-Motorola device offering
"The products are available online-only for now, but interestingly, Google plans a brick-and-mortar push shortly (stay tuned to learn just which Best Buy locations will be selling Chromebooks and the Chromebox). As the AP’s Michael Liedtke rightly puts it: “The expansion beyond Internet-only sales signals Google's determination to attract a mass audience to its Chromebooks, just as it's done with smartphones running on its Android software. More than 300 million mobile devices have been activated on Android since the software's 2008 release.”
If Chromebooks are going to take a real run at tablet computing--the iPad, specifically (versions of which still are priced lower than the Chromebook)-- then now indeed is the time to go after that mass audience."
The Chromebook's New Ambitions - Technology Review
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